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Milling Machine at Tri-Tool    CNC - High Speed Milling Machine

Horizontal Mills
Vertical Mills
Surface Grinding
ID/OD Grinding
    CNC - Horizontal
CNC - Vertical
CNC - 3D Modeling
Trucking & Hi-Lo

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Manufacturing / Shipping / Receiving / Assembly
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CNC - High Speed Milling Machine 7 Axis:

FPT Synthesis M100, 7-axis CNC high speed machine. X-axis longitudinal travel, 433" Y-axis vertical travel 118.1", Z-axis 49.21" 98.5" x 98.5" FPT CNC 40,000 lb. capacity B-axis rotary table with 59" longitudinal travel

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CNC - Horizontal 3 Axis:

DeVlieg 65K-120 CNC Jig Mill, 84" x 120" Four Axis Rotary Table Open CNC Windows NT
DeVlieg 65K-120 CNC Jig Mill, 84" x 120" Three Axis Open CNC Windows NT
Lucas CNC, 60" x 72" x 48", Rotary Index Table, 4 1/4 Quill. Three Axis Heidenhaim 355 Control

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CNC - Vertical & 4th Axis:

VTEC VF-3000 CNC Bridge Mill, 90" x 165" Travel
Fadal VMC 6030HT, 30" x 30" x 60" Travel
Fadal VMC 3016HT, 16" x 30" x 20" Travel CNC 4 Axis Rotary
TRM Toolroom Vertical Milling Machine 17.03" x 24.114"

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CNC 3-D Modeling::

Master Cam & Auto CAD Software

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Horizontal Mills:

Lucas 5" Table Mill, 84" x 120". Three Axis Sony Magnescale Readout (photo)
DeVlieg 4B72 Jig Mill, 48" x 72". Three Axis Sony Magnescale Readout
DeVlieg 54K60 Jig Mill, 60" x 60" Three Axis Readout (photo)

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Vertical Mills:

Bridgeport Mill, 42" with Readout

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Colchester Lathe, 17" swing x 80" between center
MSE Lathe, 12" swing x 36" between center Collet Attachment
Nardini Lathe, 14" swing X 40" between center Two Axis Readout

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Surface Grinding:

TOS-Hostivar 12" x 41" Wet Surface Grinder
Boyar Schultz, 6" x 12" Surface Grinder

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Marvel, 20" x 20" Vertical Saw
Roll-in, 61" x 29 1/4" x 40" Vertical Saw

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Linde 225 AMP Mig Welder
Miller 550 AMP Tig Welder

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Cast Iron Plate, 96" x 200"
Granite Inspection Plate, 48" x 60"
Granite Inspection Plate, 48" X 96"
Electronic height gage, with inspection equipment
Inspection report with coordinate chart

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DeVlieg 20" x 20" Air-Lift
DeVlieg 26" x 26" Air-Lift Table
DeVlieg 26" x 40" Subtable
DeVlieg 30" x 30" Air-Lift Table
DeVlieg 32" x 48" Subtable (Qty. 2)
5K 36" x 48" Air-Lift Table
DeVlieg 40" X 40" Air-Lift Table
DeVlieg 40" x 60" Hydraulic Air Lift Table
DeVlieg 48" x 70" Subtable
G & L Bickford Chipmaster, 6' Radial Arm Drill

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Trucking / Hi-Lo:

14' Stake Truck / Pick-Up Truck 10,000 lbs.
Clark Hi-Low 8,000 lbs.

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Manufacturing / Shipping / Receiving / Assembly:

22,000 sq.ft.
1 - Two Ton Electric Crane
2 - Five Ton Electric Crane
1 - Ten Ton Electric Crane (19' under hook)
2 - Twenty Ton Crane

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